User folder


Each user has a profile, which can be flexibly extended via the Custom Fields. The user management is only accessible to users with the Administrator and Account owner roles.

bookmark-solid Work data tab

Basic user information including team assignments, roles, notes, and Custom Fields to expand the recorded information across all users. For more information on setting up and editing Custom Fields, click here.

bookmark-solid  Conditions and salary tab

Details of working time, salary, deductions and bonus settings. In this tab, set the conditions for meal vouchers and meal voucher lump sums.

bookmark-solid Personal information tab

A detailed overview of the personal data required to manage the user..

bookmark-solid Absence and activities tabs

Overview and setting of absences and activities for a specific user. 

bookmark-solid Interface settings tab

Setting module visibility, managing alerts (notifications), an overview of Google and Microsoft integrations and a detailed audit log, all for a specific user.

bookmark-solid Documents and Tools tabs

The tabs are displayed when the modules are activated. They contain the documents and tools assigned to the user.