Salary / remuneration settings

Track all the wages including bonuses and deductions.

You can make individualised settings in the User Folder in the Contract and Payroll tab. From here you can add a new basic salary or edit an existing one, add deductions or bonuses for users.

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The set basic salary, deductions from salary and bonuses are also recorded in the Reports (Reports / Other / Salary).

If, for example, you do not delete the previous payroll when increasing the salary, you can subsequently monitor the development of the user's salary over time in the reports.


Setting up recurring bonuses and deductions

Many companies provide "bonuses" or deductions on a regular/monthly basis. For example, a Sports / Benefit card is something that employees are given every month.

You can set up bonuses and deductions as recurring. The admin sets how often the deduction/bonus should recur for that user and on which date it should recur and it will automatically appear on the user's card on that day.

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The entire history of a given item is then hidden behind a single line and of course written into the appropriate reports.


Editing and viewing remuneration by team managers

f you want Team managers to have the ability to edit the basic financial terms, bonuses and deductions, you must enable this option. 

In the User Folder / Basic and work data you will find a checkbox Manager can edit remuneration. Check this box to determine if this user can view and edit financial information (base, bonuses, deductions).

A condition for displaying the checkbox is that the user is assigned as a Team Manager in the team.

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