What is the difference between Work location and Country of operation?

Work location

Within Sloneek, a work location refers to the physical address or location from which employees work. The setting of these locations is then closely related to company attendance and recording of arrivals and departures. A work location can be, for example, a specific department store (OC Futurum), a production centre (Prague-Vinohrady) or an office (Office Vienna).

You can assign a work location to a user in their card:

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Country of operation

The country of operation, on the other hand, is important in the calculation of the work fund and absences. If you have employees from different countries, it is often necessary to take into account public holidays in their countries. If you assign a user to a country of operation, you will also be able to see their public holidays clearly in the calendar when you filter the user. More details about this functionality here.

You assign a country of operation to each user in their tab:

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