Locations settings and GPS logging

Setting up locations to record arrivals and departures allows you to check attendance at a specific location

Locations can be set by a user with Administrator permission in Settings / Locations.

Locations are physical addresses that are paired with attendance events. If a user enters an arrival or departure within the geographic radius defined in a location, the attendance event is assigned to that location. In the reporting of attendance events, it appears as the name of the location (e.g. Office Prague). If the user logs into the system at a location that does not match the locations entered in Sloneek, it will appear in the report as "off-site" identification.

When determining the tolerance radius ( a radius of meters away from the exact address of the location), take into account the expected internet and GPS signal coverage. In densely populated areas 100 m will be sufficient, in areas with lower coverage add at least 300 m.

The app needs user consent to access GPS location for proper functionality.

In any case, the application does not track the user's movements, it only records the user's location at the moment of checking in or out for work as part of the company attendance.

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