2. Trust box & Whistleblowing

Trust box

Reporting major internal events.

There are people who more easily communicate their opinion, impression or comment to the company's management anonymously. This is what the Trust Box is for.

Please note: The Internal Trust Box does not cover all legal obligations in relation to whistleblowing. The integration with FaceUp is used for this purpose.

You can find the mailbox under the Company tab in the main menu. You control the visibility of the Mailbox in the Application settings ( Other / Company settings / Application settings )


Sent messages are completely anonymous. The message content is only visible to the Administrator and Company owner roles. The list of specific names is always displayed below the field for writing a Confidential Message.


After the message is sent, a notification email will be sent primarily to the user with the Ombudsman role. If you have not assigned this role to anyone, the notification will be sent to the Administrator and Account Owner. The notification does not contain the text of the message, but only a link to the Trust Box section, where they have the opportunity to read all messages and view any attachments - anonymously, without revealing the writer.


In order not to make the Trust Box a place to accumulate negation, it will be good if you specify "unwritten" rules for communication in the company. We should also be able to communicate unpleasant things in a cultured way. Whether we sign our opinion or not.