2. Trust box & Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing integration with FaceUp

Connect Sloneek to your FaceUp account.

If you are one of the organisations required to implement the whistleblower protection solution, you can use the integration to the FaceUp platform within the Sloneek app.

Compared to the standard Trust Box, this integration covers the legislative requirements for implementing and operating this legal requirement.

Linking Sloneek to the FaceUp platform

digit-one_31-fe0f-png Obtaining the URL for the link

After creating an account in FaceUp, go to the Notification Channels / Overview section. Copy the URL in the Direct link section.

Snímek obrazovky 2023-12-18 v 9.43.18

digit-two_32-fe0f-png  Paste the URL to link to Sloneek and start the integration

You can only perform the integration if you have the Administrator or Account Owner role. Select Reports & Settings / Integration from the left menu. Enable the integration for FaceUp, paste the URL and save.

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Submitting messages

If integration is enabled, each user has the ability in the Me / Trust box section to submit messages directly to the FaceUp platform. If the classic Trust box is also enabled, it will be visible in a separate tab.

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