2. Evaluation
  3. Performance (OKR, KPI) and L&D management

Permissions (authority) to set the main objectives

An overview of the permissions of each application role to set performance ratings.

You work with 3 levels of objectives: group, team and individual

📍Group: the ability to involve anyone across the company in meeting objectives
📍Team: the ability to involve members of the same team in meeting objectives
📍Individual: objectives linked to only one specific person

Overview of permissions for each role

Administrator and Account Owner
Both roles have unlimited rights to manage, comment edit and delete all objectives (group / team / individual) set in the application.

Team Manager
Has the ability to create, comment and edit objectives and key results for their team. They can set only members of the team they are  the manager of as responsible.

They can add key results in those objectives that they either created or is marked as responsible person in them.

They can only see those objectives where they are the responsible person for completion, or they are assigned at least one key result.

Regular user
Only sees and comment the main objectives where they are the responsible person for the objective or is assigned at least one key result. Then he/she can see the detail of the objective and the key results.

The status of a key result can be edited by the person responsible for the objective, Administrators and Account Owners, and the user's Team Manager.

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Notifications of a new objective or a key result are sent to the app and email to users who are assigned to them as responsible for the objective or key result.