User Folder

users overview_simple

In the overview table you can (as in any tables in Sloneek) search, filter, or export tables. The view above is "simplistic". Toggle the button above the table button-Assets view to get a detailed view of all the information you record about users.

The Action button button_Akce will take you to edit, delete, (de)activate a user or reset a password. Password reset can be done by the user himself.

Bulk editing of user data

When you need to edit information for multiple users at once, the easiest way to do this is in Company Settings / Bulk settings of absences. The columns highlighted in yellow are the ones you can edit after you double-click the mouse in a specific cell.

Data is automatically saved by clicking into another cell or pressing ENTER.

You can also insert data by copying (COPY / PASTE) from Excel. And even multiple cells in one column.