Release log 3.23.1 (1/16/2024)

Signing a document from the template by multiple users, reporting user changes, removing the "big user overview" or speeding up reports.👇

1) Multiple users can sign a document from the template

Kreslicí plátno 2_1admin-EN

We have added the ability to have multiple users sign a document from a template at the same time, including distinguishing the signatory for the company.

More information can be found in the article here.

2) Change Report

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In reports (Reports / Other) you will find a new Report of user's changes. This will give you a detailed overview of all changes that have been made to the user folder during the selected period. 

3) Removing the big grid of users

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As we have already informed you, the large user overview ( Users / Management) is being removed. The reason is simple - to speed up loading and therefore speed up your work.

Over the next period we will finish testing the big add-on - bulk data import and update. As soon as we are ready, we will let you know!

4) We have increased the performance and possible scope of reports

Kreslicí plátno 2_1all users

We have worked on speeding up the reports and have now added a maximum time window for report generation of 3 months.


➕ Minor bug fixes

Last but not least, we have not forgotten to fix the bugs that occurred in the application. Thank you for reporting them! 👍 

Again, we pick a few of them so you don't have to search for them:

📍After assigning an asset, the status "in stock" was still hanging in the overview. 

📍When saving an activity with a filled client and without a filled project, it was not possible to save this activity.

📍In the Approvals section, the ability to set a filter was falling out in specific situations.

📍In some cases it happened that notifications to approvers were not coming out with absences.

📍Some notifications for assets were not sent.

📍Some absences were not showing up on the Absence report on the user's tab.

📍Weekly email summary for managers contained notifications of users' birthdays from another team.

📍In some cases, notifications were not sent to users with the Ombudsman role.