Release log 3.17 (6/19/2023)

Artificial intelligence in Sloneek can also help you create team and individual goals now. You can also set up notifications based on the platform.👇

New features:

1) Artificial intelligence will set up your OKRs

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Let AI assistant inspire you in creating key (sub) outcomes linked to the Objective. If you don't have the Evaluation module enabled, contact us. :) 

For more information on working with AI Assistant to build OKRs, see this article.

2) Unification of admin notes and new field for users

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Unification of admin notes

In the user tab, we have unified the Note (only visible to Administrators) and the Extended work details field. Now you will find only the Extended work details here. This field is only visible to administrators and account owners, managers and regular users cannot see it.

If you had some data stored in the original admin note, you don't have to worry about losing it. We've moved the data to the new Extended work details field.

New personal introduction

At the same time, we have added a new field called Personal introduction. This field is used to allow the user to write short info about themselves for other colleagues. The info from the medallion will then be displayed in other parts of the application when the user's details are clicked. 

Tip: This feature can be a great tool for new colleagues who can quickly break the ice after joining the company with a pithy or funny description.

Other improvements:

1) Set up notifications by platform

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We believe that this improvement will make you really happy. You can now set which notifications you want to receive on which platforms in the desktop version of the app. You can set up notifications to be sent separately to:

  • email
  • mobile app
  • web app  

Example of use: You can decide that you only want to receive the absence approval request on your mobile phone, but not on the app (under the bell in the top bar) and in your email.

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2) More countries of operation

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We have added to the list of countries of operation all the remaining countries that were missing so far. The exceptions are Russia and Belarus, which we decided not to add for obvious reasons. 

If you now assign a country of operation to a user in the user card, their public holidays will be displayed in the absence calendar. At the same time, the system will calculate the work fund for that month based on these and display the correct values in the reports.

For Ukraine, we have set the system to not count or display any public holidays, as there are no public holidays in the country now due to the state of war.

3) Full-text search in comments

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All users can now search for other users via full-text search when posting a comment on an activity or absence. Just type the @ symbol and start typing the name of the colleague you want to tag in the comment.

4) Export audit log

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Each user now has the option to simply download their personal audit log via the export button. The audit log can be found under My Profile / Audit log.

Account administrators can then download the audit log for the entire company in a similar way in the Settings / Audit log section.

5) Upload formats DOC and DOCX as CVs

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V modulu ATS můžete nově přidávat ke kandidátům jejich životopisy také ve formátech DOC či DOCX. 

Minor bug fixes:

Finally, we have not forgotten to fix the bugs that occurred in the application. Thank you for reporting them! Here is a short summary of them:

  • You can now upload compressed files to documents
  • Fixed bug when assigning clients to users: if you miss the checkbox when assigning a client to a user, it no longer deletes the selection of all selected clients
  • Bug fix for unsubscribe email notifications: when you click unsubscribe in an email, you no longer get a 404 message
  • Fixed an issue with uploading a photo to the widgets
  • Fixed an issue with the absence or activity dialog box overlapping notifications after they are expanded from the bell icon
  • We have made it possible to enter a phone number for candidates in the ATS even without an international area code
  • A few more minor fixes in the ATS section