Release log (8/15/2022)

The latest update brings significant changes to the User Management and makes reports clearer. Check out all the news below.

1) Dashboard

  • We have modified the dashboard overview to make it more user-friendly

2) Checklists

  • We have improved the checklists to better meet the requirements for onboarding new colleagues
  • Minor bug fixes

3) User management

  • We have changed the entire user folder, grouped logical units into new tabs
  • In the Contracts tab, the processing of information about wages and bonuses is extended. The salary can be set for an indefinite period.
  • We have added an overview of absences and an overview of activities for a specific user.
  • The interface settings are used to control the settings of functionalities and views for individual users
  • In the Personal information tab, additional information on Bank details is added according to your requirements

Currently working on:

  • Displaying part of the user profile also for the team manager

4) Absence

  •  Enabled entry of events exceeding one calendar month (e.g. last week in April and first week in May)

5) Documents

  • We have added a toggle view for those documents that are not signed by all parties
  • We have modified the logic of signing and approving documents:
    • Private documents - must always be signed by at least 1 user
    • Contracts - must always be signed by at least 1 user
    • Public documents - reading must always be confirmed by at least 1 user
  • Checkbox „Require a read receipt no later than“:
    • If the box is checked when creating a new document, the document has a deadline for signing/reading
    • If the box is unchecked, the document can be read or signed at any time
  • Minor bug fixes

Currently working on

  •  Bulk deletion and bulk archiving

6) Reports

  •  We added dashboard reports for faster orientation
  • We have added a new Integrated Activities report combining a view of time worked / reported in activities taking into account absences and working hours

Currently working on:

  • Generating more extensive reports in the background similar to how it is today with integrated reports

7) Google login

  • It is no longer necessary to re-grant write rights every time you log on