Displaying the user's arrivals and departures (employee / contractor)

Display in the Quick overview

There are 3 different arrivals and departures views available in the Quick overview section:

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  • Today - informs about the hours worked today. If arrival is on, you will see the running timeAt the same time, in this box you enter the arrivals and departures. When you click, you will be taken to a selection of attendance events that you can / should record.
  • Monthly overview - Informs about the hours worked in the current calendar month. It also shows information about hours worked in the previous calendar month for comparison.
  • Overview of attendence by month - overview of hours worked in the last 6 months. When you hover the cursor over the individual columns in the chart, the exact value of the hours worked will be displayed.

Calendar view

This view can be found in Calendars / Arrivals and departures. Here you have an overview of the individual attendance events entered. When you click on any event, a dialog box opens in which you can add note editable only by you. At the same time, this note will be written into the report. There is also an option to send a comment/message related to that particular event. After typing "@", a list of colleagues will appear that you can tag in the message. They will then receive an email notification with a transcript of the message. If necessary, you can also insert a file.

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Arrivals and depatures reports

A detailed overview of the arrivals and depatures reports can be found here  right-from-bracket-solid .