2. Evaluation
  3. Skills / Competency models

Reporting of evaluation results and assignment of development areas

For each user, you assign learning areas based on the assessment, which you then use to prepare development plans and activities

Assignment of proposed development themes/areas

In the user detail ( Company / Users) on the Skill set tab you will find the evaluation of skills / competences.

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If you want to add/edit a comment as an Administrator, you must first click in the header of the review on Edit-valuation. Don't forget to button_save   your work.

Under the comment box for a specific user's rating, you will find a space to insert tags with suggested development activities. You can also create and manage new tags from the same place.

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Reporting and preparation of development and training activities

In Reports, you can view the proposed learning areas for each user in a separate Skills / Competencies report. You can then use the filter to create groups of colleagues with the same training needs.