Release log 3.18 (7/17/2023)

Improved work with teams, accompanying messages to documents and a few other tweaks to make your life easier.

New features:

1) New possibilities in teams 

Kreslicí plátno 2_1admin-ENall users

Our goal is to logically connect the entire application to achieve a compact unit. That's why we are coming up with new features in the team tree:

Description and detail of the teams

The first visible change is the possibility to add a new description to the teams. This can be done when creating a new team and editing existing teams. Any user who clicks on a given team can then read this description about the team. 

Viewing user details

This works similarly when you click on any of the users in a given team. We've linked the details to the user cards, so the contact details and the user's public description (if filled in the profile) are displayed here.

2) Add reports to your favorites

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For each report, you will now find a star symbol which, when clicked, will save the report as a favourite. You will then find a toggle on the right above all reports that will take you to the list of favourite reports.

3) Editing comments throughout the app

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Responding to your suggestions, we're adding the ability to edit comments and mentions that have already been published. For example, if you add a comment to an absence on the calendar, you can edit it later. This works similarly for editing comments on the main dashboard and elsewhere in the app. 

An edited comment will always show that the original comment has been edited.

Other improvements:

1) Return of assets without the need for confirmation by the user

Kreslicí plátno 2_2admin-EN

Based on your requests, we are once again making available the possibility to return assets without the user having to confirm the return by signing. You now have two options: 

  1. Request the return of the asset with a standard generated return protocol.
  2. Remove the asset from the user and return it "to stock" without the need for a signature.

These two actions are available from the details of the utility, where you can choose between them using the appropriate button:

Snímek obrazovky 2023-07-13 v 14.24.14

1) Absence detail is hidden to other users

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If a user enters an absence and attaches a comment intended only for the team manager, they don't have to worry about anyone else reading it. The absence detail of other users is now completely hidden to other users.

2) Change of order of individual parameters for objectives and key results

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To be more systematic, we have slightly modified the order of the parameters in the Objectives and Key Results detail in the Evaluation / Performance section. We hope that you will now find the evaluation even easier to work with.

3) Adjustment of conditions for entering clients and projects

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We have slightly modified the rules for entering new activities and selecting clients and projects:

a) If a client has at least one active project paired to it and the user selects the client from the menu when entering a new activity, then entering the project is a required field.

b) If there is no active project paired to the client, there is no need to select a project.

4) Export your Audit log

Kreslicí plátno 2_2admin-EN

We have now added an export button to the audit log so that you can download the required audit log and further work with it, e.g. in Excel.

5) Accompanying message to the new document

Kreslicí plátno 2_2admin-EN

When inserting and sending new documents, you have the option to add an accompanying message to each document for the user. This makes it easier for your people to know what document you are sending them. This accompanying message is displayed directly in the email notification.

6) Take a quick look at your absences in the past year

Kreslicí plátno 2_2all users

Every user now has the option in their profile (under My Absences) to click through to the previous year and check back on their absences. This feature is also useful for administrators who need to see when and what absences a user took in the previous year

Minor bug fixes:

Finally, we have not forgotten to fix the bugs that occurred in the application. Thank you for reporting them!