Phase of the employment / collaboration cycle (journey)

Get an overview of your employees' and co-workers' journey stages.

You can edit the phases of the employment/collaboration cycle (path) on the User card / Basic and Work Data tab

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You can choose from Preboarding, Onboarding, Performance, Reboarding, Offboarding and Alumni.

  • Preboarding - the phase between accepting an offer and the employee's first day. It's a crucial time to set expectations and start building relationships.
  • Onboarding - the phase beginning on the first day of a new colleague. Onboarding often includes an adjustment period, which can last up to 6 months.
  • Performance - the phase when the new colleague is expected to perform at full capacity.
  • Reboarding - the phase marking the preparation for the new role. From the perspective of HR and the colleague, it means a lot. There is nothing worse than coming into a new role unprepared.
  • Offboarding - the phase of separation from the company. Order without chaos contributes to a calm and smooth handover.
  • Alumni - brings former colleagues together. It can come in handy on occasions when you want to share your achievements with former colleagues as well. But also in case you want to approach one of them for a new collaboration.