2. Mobile application

Mobile application (iOS, Android)

Sloneek mobile app brings a range of functionality from the desktop version straight into your pocket. 01 iphone-rovný

The mobile app for iOS (Apple) and Android phones can be found under the links below 👇.

app-store-en google-play-en

What can you find in the mobile app?

Contacts and reports

  • All employees and their contact information in one place.
  • Managers can review reports for their team members

Time tracking, work planning and reporting

  • Starting and stopping time tracking events
  • Overview of time worked on various projects and tasks
  • Managers can approve time spent on work for their team members

Absence management

  • Team members can see their status and available days or hours, according to their yearly remainings, that they can register.
  • Team members register their vacation events using an interactive calendar.
  • Managers approve vacation events within simple workflows.
  • Managers can also filter and examine all events of their team members.
  • A detailed view of each absence event allows interactive actions and writing comments.
  • Smart notifications when event status changes.

Company attendance

  • Team members register their arrival to work (clock-in) and departure (clock-out).
  • Attendance events are monitored with GPS, and paired with predefined company locations, such as Headquarters, Warehouses, or Customer sites.
  • Commenting on attendance events, for example when an employee wants to explain a reason for early leave or late entry.
  • Smart notifications

On / Off boarding checklists

In general, with minor exceptions, the functionality is about the same as in the web app.

Specific functionality of the mobile app:

  • you cannot edit a task in the mobile app
  • Checklist cannot be edited
  • the mobile app can only change task statuses
  • via the 'status' drop-down list in the task details.
  • drag&drop in kanban

Any user regardless of role can see:

  • checklist
  • task listing

A user with the Administrator role can see all tasks. A user with the Team Manager role can see all tasks of the team. A user with the User role can only see his/her own tasks.