Integration with JIRA

Sloneek is integrated with JIRA to transfer activities via timetracking.

Connection to JIRA account
Scope of integration

Connection to JIRA account

Under My Profile, go to the Notifications and Integrations tab. Then click on the Connect your Jira account button.

Snímek obrazovky 2023-02-17 v 17.07.33

ATTENTION: The emails used to log into Sloneeka and JIRA must be identical. 

You can also connect a JIRA account directly from the window when creating a new time tracking activity:

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Scope of integration

right-from-bracket-solid When setting up time tracking activities, you select directly from the tasks in your JIRA account. After creating an activity, you can click on the task in your JIRA account directly from the activity detail.



right-from-bracket-solid  When approving activities, the manager is able to view the specific task in JIRA directly from Sloneek.Snímek obrazovky 2023-02-17 v 17.40.15


right-from-bracket-solid  The approved time tracking activity is automatically written to the Work log of the task in JIRA.


If you delete an approved activity in Sloneek, it will also be deleted in the JIRA task.


right-from-bracket-solid  The activity event report contains a click-through directly to the task in JIRA.

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