2. Sloneek's AI
  3. Getting started with Sloneek's AI

Modules and features in which you can use the AI

You can use artificial intelligence (AI) in Sloneek in several different modules that cover a wide range of standard HR agenda. Specifically, it can help you generate:

  • job offers
  • comptencies (skills)
  • questions for evaluation questionnaires
  • key results for your objectives
  • questions for new colleagues (new hire packets)
  • tasks for onboarding checklists

And of course, you also have access to our AI assistant 24/7 by clicking on the question mark bubble in the bottom right corner of the app. It will help you with general orientation in Sloneek and setting up the application. 

TIP: Try asking the AI assistant, for example, how to assign an activity to someone or where to set a team supervisor. Don't forget to formulate the question in the same way as you would ask a human being. :) 

See also how to write the right prompt for each of the modules.


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