2. Arrivals and departures
  3. What the team Manager needs to know

Edit team arrivals and departures

If you need to edit an attendance event that has already been entered by a user, click on the specific attendance event in the arrivals and departures calendar (or general overview calendar). The right sidebar will appear.

When you click on the pencil icon, editing options appear. To edit, SAVE.

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You must have ADMIN permission to edit any attendance eventManagers and Arrivals and Departures Managers can only edit events in their team.

In case you need to  ADD/INSERT an attendance event, use the insert new SEGMENT function to do so.

This operation can be performed in the CALENDAR by a user with the Manager role for their team, by a user with the Arrivals and Departures Manager team role or by a user with the Admin role for anyone who has the Arrivals and departures module activated.

What is a segment

A segment is a logical unit bounded by a beginning and an end. Start = arrival, End = departure. An exit can be of type At work - for example, an errand where time worked continues to count, or Away - leaving and time worked stops counting.

Inserting a segment can only be done backwards, not forwards, this would break continuity.

It is not possible to insert a segment into an ongoing segment. It would break the segment.


You insert a segment from the arrivals and departures calendar.

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