2. User settings and management

First steps as an account administrator

We have a few tips to help you get up to speed with the application and implement it in your company.

shoe-prints-solid Users (employees)

In Settings / Basic settings / Users, we have prepared a demo user for you. In order to test the app to the fullest, add some of your colleagues to help you test it.

info-solid  Don't forget to assign the role of at least one team manager. 


shoe-prints-solid Working hours and assignments 

In order to test how requesting and approving absences works, you need to assign work hours to users and allow absences they can take. 

shoe-prints-solid Enter the first absence

Experience the simplicity of requesting and approving absences. From the Desktop or Calendar, you or your colleagues create the first absence event.

The user who has been assigned the Manager role will receive email notification of the request. They can approve it from the Desktop or from Events/Approvals

shoe-prints-solid Create first report

In Reports / Absence, generate the first report. 

info-solid  You can see the details of each report here.