Onboarding and tasks on one page

Do you need to successfully onboard and offboard your colleagues or automate any other frequently recurring tasks? Then this module is a great solution for your needs.

Adding a template

Templates and checklists can be inserted by all users with the ADMIN role. All other users can only add individual new tasks for themselves and individual colleagues.

For lists of tasks that you expect to repeat (onboarding / offboarding colleagues), we recommend starting with the templates in Onboarding and tasks / Templates

If you do not want to use a template, you can create a new checklist in Onboarding and tasks / In Progress.

In both cases, you will add a deadline to the created checklist and a Responsible Person in charge of the checklist. Check or edit the task holder and the deadline for the individual task

Running a template

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You can start the checklist either by running the selected template in Onboarding and tasks / Templates

  • click on the checklist detail and click on run-checklist
  • in the list of templates, click on button_Akce

or in Onboarding and tasks / In Progress, click on run-new-checklist when you have finished preparing the checklist (see above).

Everyone who has been assigned a task within the checklist receives an email notification at the moment of launch,

checklists-notificationtasks in the Checklists panel will be displayed on the Desktop,


in the list of tasks in Company / Onboarding and tasks / List of all tasks,

task list

and for individual user in ME / My tasks.

my tasks


Checking the completion of tasks

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All users can see their tasks on the Desktop (Checklists box) or in Onboarding and tasks / List of all tasks.

Administrators can see not only their tasks in the task list, but also the tasks of all other users. 

Switching the radiobutton-checklistytakes you from the task table to the KANBAN view. Here you can move between the different task phases using drag & drop.


Click on the name of the task to get to its detail. In addition to the detailed description of the task, you can select the status of the task and write notes. As in the case of the details of Absence, Arrivals and departures or Activity (time tracking) events. When entering "@", it is possible to mention specific persons to whom such a message will also be delivered to the email. Of course, it is also possible to insert an attachment.


Checking tasks completion 

Users with the Admin role can monitor the progress of tasks directly in a running checklist in Onboarding and tasks / In Progress.  By clicking on a specific checklist, they can work with the information on the 3 tabs:


digit-one_31-fe0f-png-2 Info

On this tab, they can edit, add to, or duplicate a specific running checklist for subsequent re-running. 

checklist control list

digit-two_32-fe0f-png Kanban

Similarly to the task list in Onboarding and tasks / List of all tasks, here you have a view of the tasks in the KANBAN view. You can freely manipulate individual tasks between the different levels of performance, or communicate with other users of the application via the task details.


digit-three_33-fe0f-png-1 Calendar

A calendar view of tasks allows for quicker orientation over longer periods of time.

checklist calendar